Healthy Families

The physical and mental health of our community is what keeps us thriving. Working to strengthen our families and keep them healthy must be a priority for Precinct 3. I believe that addressing the growing mental health crisis is vital to the continued overall health of our community. Mental illness has touched the lives of almost everyone in some form or fashion, with 1 in 4 Bexar County residents suffering from some level of mental health need, according to a recent study. * 

Practicing law for almost fifteen years has given me ample experience in interpreting and applying legislative statutes. For more than a decade I have represented abused and neglected children in the Bexar County Children’s Court. That representation has allowed me to bear witness to some of the most difficult social issues that we face Bexar County. I have developed a strong reputation as a hard-working individual and as someone who strives to resolve issues. I will fight for increased access to treatment and resources because it is a necessity that needs to be addressed now. 

Also, Women’s Health must be at the forefront of our thoughts and policies. Women contribute to the community in countless ways. The significance of their impact cannot be overlooked. With better women’s health and wellness, the women of our community will be in better positions to not only improve their lives but of their families and neighbors. If elected to serve as your Precinct 3 Commissioner, I will be dedicated to creating a commission on Women's Health in Bexar County and identifying the resources we can provide to improve the status of Women's Health. 

* Source: Bexar County Mental Health Systems Assessment, Final Report. 2016


Durable Community

Precinct 3 has a long history of attracting businesses and institutions to the area. Many of these entities have become integral to the landscape of the community. It is vital that Bexar County and the business community maintain a positive partnership. In doing so we will have a durable community that will not only lead to economic success but a brighter future for residents.

In Bexar County, matters pertaining to the County’s operating budget, tax revenue, and personnel fall to the Commissioner’s Court. These five individuals who make up the court (4 Commissioners and the County Judge) not only play an integral role in everyday operations of the County but also must be forward-looking to ensure that Bexar County will meet the needs of current and future residents. 

As commissioner, I will strive to promote an economic development strategy that seeks to build local entrepreneurship to grow our tax revenue base so we can not only meet our bottom line but also have the flexibility to expand needed services.


Smart Transportation

Bexar County is growing--especially in Precinct 3! The expanding business and residential populations have increased the demand for community resources and services, especially on our roads. It is crucial that Bexar County work with the Alamo Area MPO to keep up with the demand to maintain current roadways and seek out improvements that will not only ensure that residents travel safely but expediently as well.

We need a functioning highway and roadway network that allows for efficient and safe traffic flow. As Precinct 3 continues to grow we will not only need to maintain and modernize our roads but also be ready to expand alternative modes of transportation. I understand the important role of roadways in economic growth and strong communities, but as commonly stated, “this is a problem we cannot pave our way out of.” We need to be ready to move people and not only cars. I will be a strong voice for Precinct 3 on creating smart transportation in our community.